Monday, March 15, 2010

A little bit of spring

We've had a bit of spring in the StL as of late so we took the little girl, who's been cooped up inside all winter, O-U-T! Here are some of our adventures:

The park...
The zoo...

The park again...
We've hit a rough patch of overcast, rainy weather.. but spring is coming.. can't wait!

Monday, March 1, 2010

"I coming, I coming"

I wanted to write down a few of the adorable things that Lexi is doing and saying lately...

1. Anytime she thinks I'm leaving and she doesn't get to go she runs behind me saying "I coming, I coming!!"
2. Two nights ago she saw the moon while we were driving and cried every time it went behind the clouds "Moon!! Moon!!"
3. She is now "sleeping" in her big girl bed, because she thinks its cute to climb out of her crib. Its a work in progress.. we are trying, but she can escape that bed too....wish us luck.
4. She is getting pretty good at potty time.. no pressure, but when she says she wants to go.. we try and she succeeds.....sometimes.
5. When we are singing her to sleep at night she has, as of late, been interrupting our serenade to say "BYE BYE". At that point we stop singing and leave. Obviously she loves our singing voice.
6. The other day while we were driving she exclaimed "I'm sleepy" to which I replied.. "ok take a little nap" and she said "bye bye" and laid her head down.
7. She loves to color and names every crayon "purple."
8. When daddy is tickling her she screams/laughs... "no, daddy, NO"
9. She asks to watch "catoons" in the morning.
10. She makes us take her "piLLLow" and "bankie" with us when we leave her bed in the morning.
11. The accompanying photos is to remind us all the summer/spring is just around the corner.. and we CANNOT wait!

We are just loving every minute of our 19th month old. I can't believe how fast time is flying, but she is pretty amazing.