Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year! 09 in Review

We have had quite a year in our family. I'll do a photo recap...

January 09 - Alexis turned 6 months old and was soon mobile.
February 2009 - She became a working woman and was cast as an Enfamil baby.

April 2009 - Lexi became a Cards fan!
May 2009 - Uncle Randy and Susan got married and Lexi is a full-fledged baby food/solid food eater.
June 2009 - First trip on an airplane and to the Florida beach. First swimming lessons.
July 2009 - She turned 1 and started walking. We also sold our house and moved in with Nini and Papa for a while.
September 2009 - Baby Mati and Baby Kennedi were born. We found our new house in Oakville.
October 2009 - Baby Brooke was born.
We spent a lot of time with our families and would not have had it any other way. We are very very blessed and thank God for His hand in all we have and do.

Lots of love, from the Timmerman family!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas '09

We had such a fun family Christmas this year with Alexis and both of our families. Lexi really enjoyed talking about Santa and snowmen and saying "ho, ho, ho." (She is really developing verbally and is picking up new words everyday.) Although I dealt with a rough cold the days leading up to Christmas, everything went smoothly and was pretty carefree. We started on Christmas Eve at Grandma Wanda's and then onto Grandma and Pete's.

Then on Christmas Day we opened gifts at our house, just the three of us. She loved that Santa brought her a new vanity, just like mommies. She also really enjoys her new recorder from her stocking. (ADVICE: Don't buy noisemakers if you don't HAVE to :) Later that morning we headed to Nini and Pop's house for gifts there and then the entire family came over for lunch. We ended the day at the Timmermans with more gifts and the arrival of Jaimie, Matt, Brooke and Ozzie. Those four spent the entire next week with us, along with Amy, Blake and Mati. It was really nice having all of the girls together. Although, next year is probably going to be even more exciting when they are all walking and talking. We rounded out Christmas at our house with the Williams family and back at my parents for my Grandma Denbow's family that following weekend. Whew.. makes me tired just reading ;)